This book assumes a basic understanding of the R language. If you like my style of pedagogy, you could try watching my introductory video lectures. Otherwise, review the R learning options at

The R lodown package depends on most of the packages used in this text, so these three lines should install many of the R packages presented here, including the survey and RSQLite R packages. Windows users may need to install the external software Rtools prior to installing lodown from github.

install.packages( "devtools" , repos = "" )
install_github( "ajdamico/lodown" , dependencies = TRUE )

The survey microdata presented in this book require the R survey package by Dr. Thomas Lumley at the University of Auckland. Dr. Lumley wrote a textbook to showcase that software.

The R convey package estimates measures of inequality, poverty and wellbeing. Guilherme Jacob, Dr. Djalma Pessoa, and I have written this book about inequality measurement with complex survey microdata to accompany the software.

install.packages( "convey" , repos = "" )

The R srvyr package by Greg Freedman Ellis allows dplyr-like syntax for many survey package commands. For detailed usage examples, review his vignettes.

install.packages( "srvyr" , repos = "" )